QUESTION: Can I pay my NOUN school fees to install mentally?

ANSWER: Yes you can and also pay as many times as you can

NOTE: but complete payments must be paid before the announced closing date for that semester or payment of at least 75% of the total school fees so that you will be able to register for some of the courses given in your portal in a semester. therefore, enabling you too to be contributing to any school semester activities that might be going on such as TMA, OLINE LECTURE, COLLECTING OF SOME COURSES MATERIALS, etc.

Registering less than 12 unit courses in a noun semester is like wasting money.
But most advisable, You must have your complete payment to register for all your courses in a given Semester.

There’s nothing special about that, just generate a Remita of any payment you wish from your portal and credit(fund) your wallet, and after that, your payment will pop up. If it doesn’t, then you need to refresh the page. You can also generate Remita according to the amount and also credit (fund) your wallet again but most advisable is to connect with that professional consultant for proper guidance and updates

You can fund your wallet even 10 times in a semester but it is advisable to pay twice.

NOTE: it’s not advisable to be having many wallet balances in your student’s portal and always know the accurate payment before you can think about how you will pay to install mentally because If you have many available wallet balances appear in your portal per semester, anything can happen to the money and if come to worst you want to have extra available wallet balance left behind in your portal, don’t let it more than the money you can dash out that can not pain you if anything happens to it. Fact be told, unused money left in the portal can be wiped away if the school portal has an issue but if not wipe away, Any available wallet balance can be topped up the next semester.

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