Easy Steps To Pay And Collect Your Noun It/Siwes Log Book

SIWES Records Submission Procedure:

National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students who have registered for SIWES can now submit their SIWES details online at http://mylearningspace.nouedu2.net. They will also be able to download placement and acceptance forms and submit reports.

The steps below are the guidelines you should follow to submit your SIWES record

  1. Go to http://mylearningspace.nouedu2.net
  2. Click of Add My SIWES Record
  3. Log in with your MyNOUNLearning Space login name (matric number) and password (Learn how to login to myleraningspace and reset your password click here
  4. Click on Add SIWES Record
  5. Complete the “Personal Details” section
  6. Click on the SIWES Details and complete the section
  7. Save your submission
  8. Click on the “Request for Placement Form-002” to view and download your placement form.
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Download & Print link to download the form
  10. Click of the Placement Acceptance Form-003; download and print as above.

After your Placement Acceptance Form-003 has been signed by the SIWES organization, carry out the following steps.

  1. Go to http://learningspace.nouedu2.net
  2. Go to Add My SIWES Record
  3. Log in with your My NOUNLearning Space login name (matric number) and password
  4. Click on View and Edit SIWES Record and click on your matriculation number
  5. Select Edit at the top of the page
  6. Click on the Log Books & Forms tab
  7. Click on Choose File button by Upload Signed Acceptance Form-003 to browse and select the signed acceptance form
  8. Click on Upload 
  9. Click on Save

At the end of the SIWES also upload your technical report.


  1. Visit www.remita.net
  2. Click on “Pay Federal Government Agency”
  3. In the box titled “Name of MDA”, type National Open University (before you complete typing, the system will aid you in completing the remaining part of the name. Please select the system’s suggestion as it also carries a numerical code along with it after the name. The code is the identity of NOUN on the remita platform)\
  4. Under “Name of Service/Purpose” click the drop-down botton and select “OTHERS”.
  5. Under “Description of payment”, type “IT/SIWES LOG BOOK”
  6. Skip the box titled “Amount To Pay” and go down to the lower tab which consists of the list of other payments in NOUN. In this area, please check (mark) the box which bears the title “IT SIWES”.
  7. Directly opposite the IT SIWES title, you will find a box containing Unit Price as 0.00 just edit the unit price by typing in 1000.00 (without comma). Automatically, the earlier skipped tab titled “Amount To Pay” will update itself to N1,000.00
  8. Go to the lower tab and fill in your Full Name
  9. Fill in your Email
  10. Fill in your phone number. When filling your phone number, the moment you click on the box, +234 is already there. All you need to do is to fill the remaining part of your phone number without typing the first “0”. E.g. if your phone number is 08089896529, just type 8089896529 so that it looks like +2348089896529. The first zero is the same as +234

NOTE: The above information is suggested to be filled with the same information on your NOUN portal.

  1. Fill in the characters supplied in the image for authentification/confirmation of your transaction, in the box provided below the image.
  2. Click on “Proceed To Payment”.
  3. The next page will give you several payment options. It is best adviced to pay at the bank instead of using online payment options. This is because you have to present the teller at the school. Just copy your remita (RRR) code from there and proceed to pay at the bank with the code.
  4. Visit any commercial bank to make your payment.
  5. On the teller, at the top edge side, write “IT/SIWES” followed by your remita code
  6. On the Depostor’s name, type your own name (the person who is applying for the IT Log book)
  7. On the Account name, write National Open University of Nigeria (or simply NOUN)
  8. Fill other required information such as date, amount in words, etc. (There is no need to fill the account number).
  9. Wait to collect the printout of the payment receipt at the bank.
  10. Take the payment receipt collected from the bank, and the teller, to the school (with the original copies for sighting), to collect your Log Book.






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