NOUN 2022_1 Semester Academic Calendar


NOUN Academic Calendar 2022 Academic Session Out. ”NOUN Academic Calendar – The National Open University Of Nigeria Academic Calendar For 2022 Academic Session (First and Second Semester), NOUN Admission Form and Registration Closing Date, TMA Submission Schedule and Examination Date in 2022. NOUN 2022_1 Semester Academic Calendar!!!

This is to inform the general public and most especially all the New/Returning students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) that the management of the institution has released the NOUN academic calendar for the year 2022 First and Second semester.

The academic calendar hints about NOUN resumption date for new and returning students 2022 session. examination date and other academic and non academic activities for the year.
See below, NOUN 2022 academic calendar. As opined above, it is for both 1st and 2nd semester.
The Academic Calendar for 2022 Academic Session as Approved by Senate of the National Open University of Nigeria.

Summary From Noun Academic Calendar For 2022_1 Semester


Application form for admission into the National Open University Of Nigeria programme is opened, Course and Exam Registration are also open. Aspirants can apply and upload their credentials online for the clearance process.
According to the academic calendar, all registration will close on 4th March 2022.

General Information

1. Facilitation (Lectures) at all NOUN study centres and online at NOUN eLearning portal will commence on 31st January 2022. You should also collect your Textbooks/Course materials at your study centre within the same period.

2. All registrations in the 2022 First Semester ends on 4th March 2022.

3. NOUN IT/SIWES defence would run for 4weeks. 14th March – 9th April 2022

4. Pen on Paper (POP [Hand written) examinations (It’s for OLDER students in 300L to 800L) begins on 19th April 2022 and ends on 13 May 2022 (Just 3 weeks – prepare for at least 2 exams daily)

5. E-Examination exercise (Computer Based – It’s for new students in 100L to 200L) begins on 19th May 2022 and ends on 6th June 2022 (Just 2 weeks – prepare for at least 2 exams daily)


Release Of Results

The expected date for the release of results if it’s accepted by the senate is on the 30th of June 2022.

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Facilitation/Lectures Commences – 31st January, 2022

Release of Last semester Results – 2nd February, 2022

Registration of Courses/Examination Ends – 4th March, 2022

1st TMA begins – 4th to 17th March, 2022

11th Convocation – 25th to 26th March, 2022

2nd TMA begins – 18th to 31st March, 2022

3rd TMA begins – 1st to 14th April, 2022

Orientation for NEW students – 11th April, 2022

Matriculation – 12th April, 2022

Pen on Paper Examination – 19th April, 2022 to 13th May, 2022

E-examination begins/Marking Exercise – 19th May, 2022 to 6th June, 2022

Project Moderation and Defense Begins – 13th June, 2022

Release of 2022_1 Results – 30th June, 2022

1. There are many scheduled meetings of the examinations committee and the school senate so the best semester is yet to come.

2. Project defense has entered the academic calendar for the first time

3. Any adjustments would be communicated when available.

Thank you



Month Activity Possible Duration Dates
January, 2022 Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   13th January, 2022
January Congregation Meeting   14th January, 2022
January Registration of Courses/Examination Begins   17th January, 2022
January University Examinations Committee Meeting   26th January, 2022
January School of Postgraduate Board Meeting   27th January, 2022
January Business Committee Meeting   28th January, 2022
January Facilitation Commences   31st January, 2022
February, 2022 Senate Meeting   1st February, 2022
February Release of Results   2nd February, 2022
February Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   17th February, 2022
February University Examinations Committee Meeting   23rd February, 2022
February Inaugural Lecture   24th February, 2022
  School of Postgraduate Board Meeting   25th February, 2022
March, 2022 Business Committee Meeting   1st March, 2022
March Registration of Courses/Examination Ends   4th March, 2022
March 1st TMA begins   4th March, 2022
March Senate Meeting   8th March, 2022
March SIWES 4 Weeks 14th March – 9th April, 2022
March Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   17th March, 2022
March 1st TMA ends   17th March, 2022
March 2nd TMA begins   18th March, 2022
March 2nd TMA ends   31st March, 2022
March Operational Meeting   7th March, 2022
March 11th Convocation   25th – 26th March, 2022
April, 2022 3rd TMA begins   1st April, 2022
April Business Committee Meeting   5th April, 2022
April Congregation Meeting   8th April, 2022
April Senate Meeting   12th April, 2022
April Orientation   11th April, 2022
April Matriculation   12th April, 2022
April Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   14th April, 2022
April 3rd TMA ends   14th April, 2022
April Pen on Paper Examination begins 21 Days 19th April, 2022
May, 2022 Business Committee Meeting   3rd May, 2022
May Operational Meeting   9th May, 2022
May Senate Meeting   10th May, 2022
May Pen on Paper Examination ends   13th May, 2022
May Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   19th May, 2022
May E-examination begins/Marking Exercise 15 Days 19th May, 2022
June, 2022 E-examination ends   6th June, 2022
June Project Moderation and Defense Begins   13th June, 2022
June Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   16th June, 2022
June University Examinations Committee Meeting   21st June, 2022
June School of Postgraduate Board Meeting   22nd June, 2022
June Business Committee Meeting   24th June, 2022
June Senate Meeting   28th June, 2022
June Release of Results   30th June, 2022
June Inaugural Lecture   30th June, 2022
July Business Committee Meeting   5th July, 2022
July Congregation Meeting   8th July, 2022
July Operational Meeting   11th July, 2022
July Registration of Courses/Examination Begins   11th July, 2022
July Senate Meeting   12th July, 2022
July Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   14th July, 2022
July Facilitation Commences   25th July, 2022
August, 2022 Business Committee Meeting   2nd August, 2022
August Senate Meeting   9th August, 2022
August Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   18th August, 2022
August 1st TMA begins   26th August, 2022
September, 2022 1st TMA ends   8th September, 2022
September 2nd TMA begins   9th September, 2022
September Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   15th September, 2022
September 2nd TMA ends   22nd September, 2022
September 3rd TMA begins   23rd September, 2022
September Orientation   23rd September, 2022
September Matriculation   24th September, 2022
September Inaugural Lecture   29th September, 2022
September Registration of Courses/Examination Ends   30th September, 2022
October, 2022 Business Committee Meeting   4th October, 2022
October 3rd TMA ends   6th October, 2022
October Senate Meeting   11th October, 2022
October Congregation Meeting   14th October, 2022
October Pen on Paper Examination begins   18th October, 2022
October Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   20th October, 2022
November, 2022 Pen on Paper Examination ends   10th November, 2022
November Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   17th November, 2022
November Business Committee Meeting   1st November, 2022
November Operational Meeting   7th November, 2022
November Senate Meeting   8th November, 2022
November E-examination begins/Marking Exercise begins   14th November, 2022
November Inaugural Lecture   24th November, 2022
November Marking Exercise end   27th November, 2022
November E-examination ends   30th November, 2022
December Project Moderation and Defense Begins   6th December, 2022
December University Examinations Committee Meeting   7th December, 2022
December School of Postgraduate Board Meeting   8th December, 2022
December Business Committee Meeting   12th December, 2022
December Senate Meeting   13th December, 2022
December Release of Results   16th December, 2022
December Committee of Deans & Directors Meeting   22nd December, 2022
January, 2023 12th Convocation  



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