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The National Open University of Nigeria is an Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution, the first of its kind in the West African sub-region. The university has an exciting platform where learning is not only easily accessible, but also affordable. The vibrant university, at present, has 54 study centres spread across the nation. It has a student population of over 120, 000. The university is also recording landmark achievements. It was recently rated 7th position among universities in Nigeria and 86th position out of the 100 universities in Africa. NOUN was given the European Quality Award in Education 2011 at Oxford, UK, among others. Indeed, the university is well prepared for you. This article is all about facts About National Open University of Nigeria NOUN.

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  • National Open University of Nigeria aims and objectives Is to provide education for all, filling the gap created by Conventional universities through cost effectiveness and improved economic of scale. It was founded to meet the needs of older people that desire to apply for university.
  • National Open University of Nigeria was established in the year 2002.
  • National Open University of Nigeria is a F.G university approved and accredited by NUC.
  • NOUN is not a member of ASUU and doesn’t go on strike unlike other universities.
  • NOUN doesn’t required Jamb for admission. With your 5 Credits O’L result with Credits in Mathematics and English you are eligible to get Admission.
  • NOUN systematic payment of school fees is so flexible that students can pay installmentally. For example, you can pay a fee of 50,000 in multiple times as long as the registrations are still ongoing.
  • NOUN is not a conventional university where students have a permanent site for receiving lectures. What this means is that, NOUN doesn’t offer official lectures for students.
  • As a student of NOUN, the school believes that you’re working class and should study on your own and when it’s time for exams you go to your study centre and take it.
  • NOUN does not have a campus unlike other universities.
  • NOUN doesn’t accepts PASS either in mathematics or English in any of its courses/programe.
  • NOUN law students have not started going for law school.
  • As a student of NOUN from your 100L -200L your exams are computer base, while from 300L -400L your exams are Pen on Paper (pop).
  • NOUN runs two semesters in a year.
  • NOUN is a school that gives students the opportunity to work while studying.
  • At the moment NOUN students have not started going for NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS (NYSC).
  • NOUN system is neither considered as part time or full time studies but ODL (Open Distance Learning). This means it’s flexible to all students. The moment you gets Admission your home studies has commence.
  • NOUN Form is ₦5,000 for Undergraduate and while ₦7,500 for Postgraduate
  • As a fresher of Bsc budget a rough estimate of about ₦65,000( depending on the courses you’ll be taking). Note: You would’n be spending up to this amount in your next semester.
  • As a fresher of PGD/Masters budget a rough estimate of about ₦80,000(depending on the course you’ll be taking). Note: You would’n be spending up to this amount in your next semester.
  • National Open University of Nigeria is both for the rich and the poor.
  • As a student of NOUN you can hardly bribe to have your way. You must study to pass your exams
  • National Open University of Nigeria convocation for its graduating students is usually in the month of January/February every year.
  • NOUN doesn’t delay certificates after students’ graduation. Certificates are issued out to students immediately after graduation.
  • NOUN Students does not receive direct lecture from lecturer, Handouts are mostly used by students. Though the school supposed to issue all Handouts(Hardcopies) to you after you must have registered your Courses, unfortunately they would just issue like two/three thereabout and ask you to get other Courses materials from their website.
  • As students of NOUN you can do your Test at the comfort of your home. The Test is known as TMA (Tutorial Mark Assignment) and its carries 30marks while the Exams carries 70 marks.
  • NOUN Certificates are fully recognized and acceptable within and outside the Country.
  • NOUN doesn’t accept in Pass in OND/NCE  result for Direct Entry, but Upper Credit.
  • National Open University of Nigeria PGD program is 2 semesters, and while Masters program is 3/4 semesters.
  • NOUN undergraduate program is 4 years, Direct Entry is 3 years while law is 5years.
  • In NOUN there’s no room for cultism.
  • National Open University of Nigeria doesn’t have a student union government(SUG)
  • National Open University of Nigeria has about 54 study centres all through the federation of Nigeria.
  • NOUN is amongst the top 100 universities in Nigeria, NOUN is No. 17th.
  • NOUN is beautiful. NOUN is me. NOUN is you. NOUN is systematic. NOUN is dynamic.

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List of Faculties & Courses Offered in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN):


📚 There is room to pend semesters without forfeiting the admission

📚 School fee can be payed installmentally before the school portal is closed for payment.

📚 No acceptance fee

📚 NOUN is not under ASUU. So they don’t go on strike.

📚 You don’t have to tip any lecturer or staff to pass any exam or test.

📚 It gives room to combine your hustles/work and still study.

📚 Graduation is certain once you’re done with all your courses and projects.

📚 You’ll get your B.Sc certificate within 3 weeks of convocation.

📚 NOUN certificate is recognized in all Government, private and international organizations (Google it)

📚 NOUN certificate can be used to secure a job or seek masters or PhD programs within and outside Nigeria.

Now tell me what more a federal Nigerian University can offer you.

YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE, ignore the stress .

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Some of the major Faculties in NOUN:

School Of Science Management Sciences

School Of Science And Technology

School Of Agricultural Sciences

School Of Education

School Of Arts And Social Sciences

National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN Registerable Courses and Fees this Semester 2022/2023

This page is basically for fresh and returning students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). This is the current NOUN school fees for the 2022/2023 academic session, which has been released by the school senate and made public, and we have used this opportunity, to publish this information publicly here on Student Arrive.

The management board of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has just released the updated school fees schedule for all newly admitted students and old.

Take note, that if you had applied for admission into the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) or you are already a student, it is advisable, that you know the current NOUN Courses Outline and school fees for all students, and this information will help you, in avoiding making mistakes. Thus, this Page provides NOUN Registerable Courses and fees this semester for all levels and departments.

Here, you’ll get to know three (3) things namely; i.) Your Registerable Courses, ii.) Exact fees to pay, and iii.) The number of elective Courses to register this semester.

List of National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN Faculties

Select your Faculty below:

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