Facts About Noun Tma

Facts About Noun Tma

NOUN Portal TMA Login Procedure for New and Returning Students 2021. National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Portal TMA Login Page Guide for New and Returning Students 2021. What You Must Know About The NOUN TMA and how to login into Tma Page. In this article, we’ll be listing some facts about Noun Tma

Welcome to STUDENT ARRIVE, Are you a student of National Open University of Nigeria or an Aspirant? There are vital things you need to know about NOUN TMA. Several nounites have been asking about National Open University of Nigeria TMA, and the truth remains that a lot of persons dont know the full meaning of TMA.

In this article, we will be giving an in depth understanding of all you need to know about NOUN TMA and how students of this great institution can use it for their advantages.

For every students of the National Open University Nigeria, take note that there is a NOUN Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMA) which also means “TEST”. Normal conventional universities may called it TEST, but here in NOUN they called it TMA. This you must do before taking exams, note it’s done online i.e within your school Portal. Check out Facts About Noun Tma and login page.

NOUN TMA Guidelines

  • TMA is the acronym of Tutor Marked Assignment.  The entire TMAs (Test) contributes 30% of the student total mark which is the same thing as 30 Marks. And while the Exams contributes 70% (70 Marks).
  • The Assignment is to be done at your pace as much as you don’t exceed the giving time (deadline) for submission because it has a closing date. Thus, it’s done and submitted online i.e within your Portal.
  • Each Course has Three (3) Tma. For example; A course, ENT409 has Tma1, Tma2, and Tma3
  • Each TMA has 10 questions and it’s 10 Marks. This means Tma1 for ENT409 is 10 Marks,   Tma2 for ENT409 is 10 Marks and Tma3 for ENT409 is 10 Marks; which is a total of 30 Marks for the Course. The same applies to other Courses you’ll be taking.  Hope you understand? Let’s move on…
  • The Student is expected to answer or submit his or her Three (3) TMA.
  • There’s a stipulated date for taking and closing each of the TMA. For example, there’s a date for Tma1, Tma2 and Tma3.
  •  Once the school management opens any of the Tma and later Closes it, a students cannot access it again. And if a student fails to submit his/her own after closure, that means such student has gotten ZERO in that particular Tma.
  • You cannot see your Tma again once you submit it. But you can see your score.
  • A good tma score will go a long way in boosting your result at the end of the day. Imagine you score 30 Marks in each of the Courses, that means you just need little efforts in your exams.
  • To Login into your Tma Portal, CLICK HERE

We hope  this article meet your immediate needs about NOUN TMA!

NOTE: We have standby specialists for TMA SOLUTIONS and we GUARANTEED you 30/30 in all our Tma Marks and the least is 29/30. NOTE: Money refunded if it’s below 28/30

Facts About national open university of nigeria noun

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