NOUN Management Suspends Environmental Management and Toxicology (EMT) Programme


1.The department officially informed the study centre’s that the program Environmental Management and Toxicology has not met the NUC requirements and such no immediate way forward for the program as it’s currently not accredited. The implication of this is that graduates of the program certificate will not be acceptable and NYSC letter will not be issued.
In order to curb this, the department has urgently taken the following proactive measures as stated below.

Way Forward For Students:

i. All EMT students will be migrated to Environmental Science and Resource Management as a similar course with full accreditation
ii. All EMT students at 500L should commence their project immediately
iii. All EMT students who have met the similar requirements for ESM program will be made to graduate provided he/she has concluded Project, SIWES, and Field trips and has no outstanding course to write while in 500L.
iv. Any pending carryover course(s) will be written by the students
v. All non examinable courses done in EMT will not be repeated in ESM
vi. ESM shares similar courses with EMT upto 400L with one or two differences and such students should not panic.
vii. All EMT students who are yet to meet the minimum credit load should offer more courses.
viii. All EMT students in 500L should visit the study centre for onward transmission of data to the department immediately.
ix. The CGPA of the students remains intact
x. All EMT core courses are counted as same if migrated to ESM
xi. EMT students who wants to migrate to Environmental Health Science will not be allowed as their entry requirements differs completely.
xIi. Migration will be done automatically in the shortest possible time to all EMT students.
All inconvenience(s) are deeply regretted.
Thank you

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