The Meaning of Probation Result in National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN

Probation On Result (All You Need To Know)

Probation simply means a student is asked to repeat the year such a student just finished.

The reason for such repeat could be because of one of the conditions below or both.

1. A student of any year must have failed within (10 to 15) credit units in first and second semesters, or from first semester/second semester only after the completion of a particular academic session.

2. A student’s GPA or CGPA is less than 1.5 after completing a session.

It must be further noted that condition (i) overrides condition (ii).

Meaning that, regardless of the GPA or CGPA, if a student fails within (10-15) credit units in any year, he/she will be asked to probate/or repeat the year.

Moreso, Probating or Repeating the year, the student is expected to register and seat for only his/her previously failed or dropped courses.

He is not expected to take any newly introduced courses of the year he/she is repeating or any new level course.

3. A student may be asked to withdraw or change programme, if after probation that is if He/she fails to attain a GPA/CGPA of 1.5

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