How NOUN e-Ticketing Platform Works

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Technology, Innovation and Research (DVC-TIR), National Open University of Nigeria, Prof. Monioluwa Olaniyi, has stated that no complaints or inquires will subsequently be attended to except through the recently-launched e-ticketing system. How NOUN e-Ticketing Platform Works

“With this launch, complaints, inquires shall no longer be entertained unless on the e-ticketing system,’’ it said, stressing that it is expected to provide an easy way to resolve students’ complaints and respond to inquiries.

What is NOUN e-Ticketing System?

The National Open University of Nigeria Support e-Ticketing System, in response to these challenges, provides an integrated mechanism for receiving, resolving and monitoring of complaints and enquiries without physical contact between the complainants and the response team. All the complainant or enquirer needs to do is visit the website to state his/ her complaints and a number would be assigned to them for ease of tracking of the complaint in case the complaint is not addressed satisfactorily.

This is, however, unlikely as all tickets are subjected to further scrutiny by higher authorities within the institutional structure. The system engenders transparency and provides the opportunity to track not only the staff that resolved the complaint but also the time taken to do so for quality assurance purposes.

Upon the receipt of the complaint or enquiry, the system assigns it to the appropriate unit depending on the nature of the complaint. The software is able to do these automatic assignments based on the institutional structure of the client as fed into the system before deployment.

In addition, the system is provisioned with a reporting or an alarm system that alerts the top executives as to the status of any ticket raised and the action(s) taken on it as well as the actors involved.

Categories of Complaints on NOUN e-Ticketing Platforms

    i. Admission Enquiries
    ii. Change Of Study Centre
    iii. Correction Of Name And Date Of Birth On The
    iv. Enquiries On Certificate Collection
    v. Error Of Name On Certificate
    vi. NYSC Issues
    vii. Old Student Re-enrolment
    viii. Undergraduate Transcript Enquiries

i. Course(S) Not On Elearn Portal
ii. eLearn Login Issues
iii. Upload Of SIWES Report
iv. Uploading Of Projects/Seminar/Practicum/Teaching Practice

i. eCourseware Issues
ii. No Email Address
iii. Student NOUN Email Issue

i. Change Of Entry Level
ii. Change Of Programme
iii. Discrepancies In CGPA
iv. Graduation Related issues
v. Incomplete Result
vi. Missing Results
vii. Remarking Of Examination Scripts

i. Change Of Email On SIWES Portal
ii. Change Of Password
iii. How To Login To The SIWES Platform
iv. Industrial Training Fund Stipends
v. Login Issues On SIWES Platform
vi. Missing SIWES Result
vii. Payment For The Logbook / Enquiries
viii. Registration For SIWES Courses

i. Graduation Status
iii. Postgraduate Admissions (Pgd And Masters)
iv. Postgraduate Transcript Enquiries
v. Research Projects, Teaching Practice And Practicum

i. Course Registration Issue
ii. Dropping Of Courses
iii. Login Issue
iv. Wrong Passport Upload

i. Credit Of RRR Payment
ii. E-Wallet Balance Issue
iii. Graduate Final Clearance
v. Printing of Student Wallet
vi. Semester Fees Omission

i. Change of Exam Venue
ii. Missing Result
iii. Remaking of Examination Script
iv. Unable to Access My TMA
v. Unable to View Result

How to Create New Ticket on NOUN e-Ticket System

  1. Go to the NOUN support portal at
  1. Click the Open New Ticket menu.
  2. Provide your matriculation number and phone number.
  3. Select the category of an issue and select the subcategory also.
  4. Enter your message body.
  5. If you have a file/screenshot for attachment. Select the file. NOTE: Supported file type
    include jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx not more than 5MB.
  6. Click Send button to submit.

How to Access Your Existing Ticket

  1. Click My Tickets menu.
  2. Enter your matriculation number.
  3. Enter your valid phone number.
  4. Click Send button.

How to Login to View Tickets, Replies and Statement of Results

  1. Click on Login on the far right of the page.
  2. Enter your Matric Number or NOUN Students’ Email Address.
  3. Enter the password as “default”.
  4. Click on Login
  5. It will prompt the student to change the password for the first time.
  6. The student should enter the current password “default” and then enter the new
  7. desired password.
  8. Click on submit.


TO VIEW THE RESULT STATEMENT – Click on the “Result Statement” to view your Statement of Result.

TO VIEW REPLY FROM NOUN STAFF – Click on the Bell on the right-hand side of the page to view if there are new messages.

How to Change Password on NOUN e-Ticket Platform

  1. Click on the name of the student at the right hand side
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Click on Change password
  4. Enter the current password
  5. Enter the New password and confirm the new password.
  6. Click on Submit button

How to Update Phone Number NOUN e-Ticket Platform

  1. Click on the name of the student at the right hand side
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Enter the new and valid phone number
  4. Click on update button

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This new platform is still a work in progress, the results statement has been removed again.

If you were observant enough, you’d know that the template used for all the results statement is undergraduate’s template which was why you’d see minimum credit required 120 Instead of 60 or 30 in Post-graduate programme profiles for PGD and Masters programmes respectively. But complaint has been logged and more changes would come.

You’ve to be patient.

For now, use the platform for complaints ONLY.

Thank you.

Restructuring in the NOUN Email system

After NOUN 2022_2 semester Registration, a new system has been put in place which will help all students of the National Open University of Nigeria get messages directly to their official mail created by the school which is powered by GMAIL.

How to access your official Mail?

After successful portal Registration of your 2022_2 semester, you’re required to access your personal NOUN email address by heading to Gmail and following the steps below:

👉 type your matric no@
e.g via the space provided for your email address.

👉 Use your Matric Number as the FIRST-TIME Password!

👉 After logging in, change the email password in Gmail to your desired characters.

Note: Your password needs to be at least 8 characters

After the above steps you’ve successfully activated an official email account for yourself to receive valuable mails from NOUN.

Best wishes


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