National Open University, Check NOUN Graduation List For 2022/2023 Convocation

– The National Open University Of Nigeria Graduation List, NOUN 2023 Convocation List for 12th Convocation Ceremony

The 2022/2023 approved convocation list of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has been released. This is great news for students who have been waiting eagerly to see their names on the graduation list.

The approved noun graduation list contains the names of all students who have successfully completed their programs and have met the requirements set by the university. The list includes students from various faculties, including arts, sciences, health sciences, social sciences, education, law and management sciences.

 Check yours Here

Why Your Name is NOT on the NOUN Graduation list

  • You have Pending/Outstanding Courses.
  • You have not met the required credit units assigned to your chosen program.
  • You didn’t earn up to the required CGPA to be award a university degree.
  • You were involved in illegal activity.
  • Your name was moved to the next graduating students after being reached the desired amount of students for 2023 convocation.

Please we advise you to always check this page for more graduation lists.

Note the following:

All graduands with the following complaints arising from this graduation list are to visit their Study Centres:

i. Graduands with Initials in their name(s): they are to provide their names in full.

ii. Graduands with Four (4) names: they are to provide their preferred three (3) names.

iii. Graduands with mis-spelt name(s): they are to provide their correct name(s).

iv. Wrongly captured Study Centre: they are to provide their correct Study Centre.

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