Brief Explanation On NOUN I.T/SIWES


  1. The IT/SIWES Program is a 6unit course which must be completed by students before they graduate from the school. It holds for 6months (24 weeks). Some departments (e.g. ESM) have their IT twice as 3 unit course in each case at different semesters. In such a situation, each of the 3-unit IT course will last for three months. You will be graded from three main areas

(i) Your NOUN supervisor’s comment

(ii) Your Company’s supervisor’s comment

(iii) The content of your Log Book

  1. It is not mandatory to have registered your IT/SIWES as a course before you are allowed to participate in the program. However, you must pay N1,000 for the log book and submit copies of the Remita Payment Receipt and the Payment Teller at the study centre (precisely at the office of your faculty) to collect the log book.


  1. Although you do not necessarily need to have registered it as a course before you start the program, but you must still register it as a course before you get your result for it. According to the school counselor, you do not need to register IT/SIWES for examination…only the course registration is necessary.


  1. Initially, registration for IT/SIWES (and even Project) was N15,000 but under this new administration and new system, registration for IT/SIWES is now N3,000. Put this in mind when you are estimating your school fee for the semester if you want to participate in IT.


  1. Payment for IT/SIWES course registration will be with your normal semester course registrations (I mean just as you register every other courses for the semester) hence you pay for it like you pay for other courses directly into your portal However, payment for the logbook is made directly into the federal government account through the Remita website and not through your NOUN portal. This mean that apart from the N3,000 you paid into your school portal plus the money you paid into the same portal for registration of other courses, you are meant to pay N1,000 into the federal government account through Remita website. That is to say:

*For Payment for IT/SIWES course registration: Pay into your NOUN e-wallet along side your other course registration fees

*For Payment for Logbook: Pay into Federal Government Pause via Remita website using the instructions below, website:


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