PentPorte is owned by Pentporte Technologies Ltd. It’s a revolutionary way of owning gadgets/home appliances easily by simply purchasing a PENTPORTE Access Certificate, accessing business resources and being part of the fastest growing entrepreneurs’ network in Africa! A platform everyone is talking about at the moment

You also have access to download explanatory Video Tutorials on any major skill acquisition program of your choice and get mentored for free. For example: Video on Web Design, Graphics Design, Cake Making, Shoe and Bag Making, Interior Decoration, e.t.c


You buy an Access Certificate for N10,000 to become a member, giving you access to the myriad of multimedia training resources to download.
o You get friends/family members to join using your PentPorte Username or referral URL.
o With each person that joins under you, you get 1 Point. It is simple, with five persons; you get 5 points as one person is 1 point. There is no limit to the number of family/friends you can refer. The more persons you refer, the more points you earn.
You can exchange your PentPorte Point (PPP) with any Gadget/s or Home Appliances at any time. You can check the Appliance/Gadget Section on what you can exchange with your PentPorte Point (PPP). Check the FAQ for more info.
All Home Appliances/Gadgets exchange is been delivered at your doorstep.

If you have the potential of driving the concept of PentPorte in your locality, you can make over N250,000 Monthly as well as owning either a brand new Laptop or Brand New Split Air Conditioner or a brand new washing machine.

How PentPorte Sales Ambassadors Program Works

o Create an account on www.pentporte.com
o Use cyril as the referral username when filling the form, this is very important.
o Send an Email to info@pentporte.com indicate your NameUsername, Phone Number, Account Number, Name of Bank

O Pay the sum of N1000 into the Company Account

Account Name: PentPorte Technologies Ltd,

Zenith Bank: 1015364239.

                                                                             Register Now

The essence of this Fee is to reduce multiple dormant accounts on our platform
 After confirmation of your payment, your account will be upgraded


o You will be paid (N3,000 per active referral). For example If you have 100 active referrals at the end or middle of the month you will be paid N3,000 x 100 = N300,000

PAYMENT DAYS: Our payout is 15th and 30th of every month.



Whenever you have 30 active referrals, you can choose between any of the appliances/gadgets below:

  • A Brand New Laptop
  • A Brand New Split Air Conditioner
  • A Brand New Washing Machine
  • Or you can choose of product(s) worth of 8 Points on our platform

To be delivered at your doorstep. All Items will be delivered courtesy of Jumia

Takenote that you will have to give your referrals your username when they are signing up
Also Your referals will join the program normally and can exchange their earned points anytime with the available product. For them to earn points they will have to give out their own username to their referrals and no longer yours at this point.

* No qualification is required. Get updated with the FAQ via www.pentporte.com/faq


* Tell your friends, Family members, Colleagues in the office about Pentporte.

* Monetize your social platforms you belong. You can create Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook group chats and Pages.

* Word of Mouth

* Promote on several social media platforms

* You can create your own Flyers to promote Pentporte.

* You can run sponsored adverts on social media platforms

………………….Get Financially Dependent with PentPorte’s Business Model

For More Information

Call/WhatsApp : 08137981072

Terms and Conditions Applies.

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