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What You Know About NOUN Gst302 Business Plan:

It is a compulsory course for all 300level students titled Business creation and growth. It is a 2units course. All you need to pass the course are a detailed business plan, a business sample, an E-exam, and a successful presentation at your centre. Make use of the guide or write on the business you are told to write on according to the directives given to your centre. You can do yours alone while In some centres you will be told to group yourselves.

GST302 – BUSINESS CREATION AND GROWTH is an entrepreneurship course meant for all 300 level Students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). Like earlier mentioned, it is a core course and a two (2) credit unit course.

GST302 has no TMA, Student’s who have registered for the course are expected to write a business plan and submit or upload their proposed business plan online on the GST PORTAL – ( The writing and submission of your business plan serve as a TMA for the course.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a written document that describes the business goals and the ways in which you plan to achieve them. It also covers various other aspects of the company’s future program and can serve as an internal decision-making tool or business proposal to present to potential investors.

We have SPECIAL available NOUN Business Plan Topics on:

  1. NOUN Rice Farming Business Plan
  2. NOUN Bread Bakery Business Plan
  3. NOUN Poultry Farm Business Plan
  4. NOUN Zobo Drink Business Plan
  5. NOUN Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan
  6. NOUN Unisex Saloon Business Plan
  7. NOUN Hand Sanitizer Business Plan
  8. NOUN Men’s Shoe Production Business Plan
  9. Plantain Farming Business Plan
  10. NOUN fashionable clothes Business Plan
  11. NOUN Make-Up Artist Business Plan
  12. NOUN Poultry Farming/Egg Production Business Plan
  13. NOUN Primary School establishment/Setup Business Plan
  14. NOUN Pig feeds/Farming Business Plan
  15. NOUN Recharge Card vouchers Business
  16. NOUN E-commerce Business Setup Business Plan
  17. NOUN Cassava Farm Business Plan

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