NOUN WhatsApp Group

National Open University, NOUN Whatsapp Group

  • Since this WhatsApp Group is created for NOUN students by Student Arrive Platform, it is expected that ONLY students of the school should be in the Group. Simply put, do not join this group if you are not currently a student of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.
  • Also, don’t spam the Group. As a student it is expected that you have some level of civilization and know that spamming a WhatsApp Group is something disgusting.
  • This WhatsApp group is created to help Noun students to ease up their strains and stresses on the school educational system in areas like i.e Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA), General Information/News across all Study Centers all over the country, Exam preparation, Missing results, and easy access to lay your complains Directly to the School HQ.
  • This Open University whatsapp Group is locked because of spamming
  • For interested Students to join the NOUN WhatsApp Group kindly CLICK on the Group link below:




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If you're in any of these departments below then this whatsapp Group is also for you

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