PTE Exam Eligibility Criteria 2023: Age Limit, Education Qualification, PR & Documents Required;

PTE Eligibility 2023: PTE full form is the Pearson Test of English and PTE-Academic is the English test undertaken by students and aspirants who desire to go abroad to study or immigrate to a major English-speaking country. In this article, we are going to majorly focus on the PTE exam eligibility and PTE Academic Eligibility Criteria 2023.

Pearson PLC Group, the conducting body of the Pearson PTE Academic Exam has not set any specific PTE exam eligibility criteria for candidates looking to appear for the PTE Academic Exam. However, as a generalized rule, candidates looking to appear for the PTE Academic exam are required to keep the following age and educational qualification in mind before registering for the PTE exam.

PTE Eligibility 2023

The following are the PTE exam eligibility 2022 criteria for candidates looking to appear for their PTE Academic Exam.

PTE Exam Eligibility 2023: Age Criteria for PTE Exam

In order to take the PTE Academic test, the candidate must be at least 16 years old. Candidates below 18 years of age need to get a parental consent form signed by either parents or guardians before taking the test. Candidates can download the consent form from the official website of the PTE Academic Exam:

PTE Exam Eligibility 2023: Education Qualification for PTE Academic Exam

Pearson PLC Group – the conducting body of the PTE Academic Exam has not laid down any education qualification criteria for candidates wanting to appear for the PTE Academic test. Now that we have covered the PTE Exam eligibility in detail, let us take a look at the PTE registration process.

PTE Exam Eligibility Criteria

PTE Eligibility Factors Eligibility for PTE Exam
Age Limit for PTE Exam Minimum age: 16 years.

Parent consent required: 16 – 18 years

Maximum age: No limit mentioned

PTE Exam Qualification Minimum/maximum qualification: not mentioned by conducting body
PTE Eligible Countries Universities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand

PTE Eligible Countries

PTE Exam Eligible Countries: A lot of times, candidates end up asking us whether a particular country accepts PTE scores or not. They should understand that PTE scores are an important admission requirement for admission to a university. Hence, candidates are required to check their respective university and its guidelines to understand the acceptable English language tests. A lot of times, universities accept multiple English proficiency tests and candidates have the option to select one that they are most comfortable with. Secondly, candidates should also note that your English scores would also be an integral part of your visa admission process. Hence, opt for an English Language exam that is accepted by both, your preferred university admission committee and your visa issuing authority. 

PTE Eligible Countries – by University

List of Colleges accepting PTE Scores in UK List of Colleges accepting PTE Scores in USA
List of Colleges accepting PTE Scores in Australia List of Colleges accepting PTE Scores in Canada
List of Institutions that accept PTE – all countries

PTE Registration 2023

Candidates wanting to register for the PTE exam 2022 would be required to follow the steps mentioned below to successfully book their PTE exam slot. Candidates should note that for booking your PTE Academic online, you need a valid ID – a valid Indian passport. Candidates will also be required to show their valid ID on the day of the PTE exam or else they will not be allowed to enter the PTE Test centre.

Steps to register for PTE Academic online

  • Visit the official PTE Academic website.
  • Create your Pearson account by providing your personal details.
  • Once you complete the PTE registration process, you will receive an email within 48 hours from Pearson with your login details.
  • The next step is to search for your nearest PTE test centre.
  • Also, select a suitable time and PTE date to appear for the PTE exam.
  • After selecting all your details like time, date, and PTE slot you will be asked to proceed to the checkout button.
  • Then pay the PTE Exam Fee of 14,700 Indian rupees and finalize your PTE exam booking.

Other methods of registering for the PTE Exam

PTE Phone Registration: Apart from the much preferred online method of registering for the PTE exam, candidates can also register for the PTE Exam via phone. Indian students wanting to register for the PTE Exam can contact the PTE Academic testing body by dialling: 00080 0440 2020. (Operating hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm local time; closed on local holidays.)

PTE Slot Booking/ PTE Exam Booking

Candidates looking to appear for their PTE Academic exam would be required to create a Pearson account to register for their PTE exam booking. On successful registration, candidates would receive an email within 48 hours with their login credentials. Candidates are required to read the handbook carefully available on the official website before booking the exam.

Candidates would be then required to select their preferred PTE test centre and PTE exam date and go ahead with the PTE exam booking. Do note that, that candidates would be required to pay the PTE Exam Fee of Rs. 14,700 and go ahead with the PTE registration process.

How many times can a student appear for the PTE Academic Exam?

There is no limit set by the conducting body as to how many times a candidate can appear for their PTE Academic Exam. Candidates can take their next exam within a gap of 5 days is the only criteria set by the board. So, candidates can take the PTE Academic exam as many times as they want.

PTE Test Accommodations/ Special Arrangements

Committed to providing access for all individuals with disabilities, test accommodations also known as “special arrangements” or “reasonable adjustments” are made available by Pearson VUE to make the test assessable to everyone. Arrangements made possible include,

  • A separate testing room
  • Extra testing time
  • A Reader or Recorder

How can candidates request a test accommodation?

Candidates who require special arrangements need to specify their needs and how the disability is hindering them from performing their best under standard conditions. Candidates would have to provide documentation proof and apply weeks in advance for the conducting body to make the required arrangements. Candidates are required to apply for the request before they book their exam.

PTE Exam Pattern 2023

PTE Academic Exam pattern includes three sections – Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. You get marked on these three sections and you get the PTE Academic total score in 2 business days as well. The PTE Exam Pattern mentioned below talks about the components of the PTE Academic Paper in detail for the benefit of the candidate.

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PTE Syllabus 2023

Candidates looking to prepare for the PTE exam can check out the detailed PTE syllabus for 2022.

PTE Exam Preparation

PTE Exam Preparation: Candidates looking to perform well in their PTE Academic Exam would be required to follow a solid PTE Preparation plan to achieve a good PTE score. Read on as we divulge in detail about PTE exam preparation 2022, PTE preparation online, PTE preparation material, and PTE exam preparation at home among other important topics revolving around PTE preparation.

Similar to other exam prep, you can choose to study on your own or join a PTE coaching centre for your PTE preparation. The decision lies entirely to you, as you need to see whether you have enough time and resources to opt for both or select either. Newer methods of studying are gaining popularity, like PTE preparation online. It includes both self-studying and coaching class methods. You join a virtual classroom and you learn in the comfort of your home. To choose the best method how to prepare for the PTE test you first need to look at your criteria and decide accordingly. Candidates can also check out PTE Sample Papers.


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