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Are you planning to give the SAT exam 2023 for getting in your preferred school? Then you must be wondering what a good SAT Score is? SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is required to get into the colleges and universities worldwide. Globally, colleges and universities accept SAT Score for giving admission to college applicants. SAT Exam is conducted by the College Board.  In this article, we will answer this query. What is a good SAT Score is not only a grave concern of students but parents as well.

How the SAT is scored?

Before starting with SAT preparation, students should know when they should actually start studying for the SAT Exam. We need to understand the SAT score range for determining a good SAT score.

The SAT exam is divided into two sections – 1. Reading, Writing, and 2.Mathematics. These two sections are scored on a 200-800 point scale, for a maximum score of 1600 i.e. total score.

Further, SAT subject test scores are measured on a scale of 200 to 800. There are additional subscores reported on a scale of 20-80. The scores of the candidate reflect on how he/she can be compared with other students who attempted the SAT test. According to the College Board, the average SAT score for 2017 – 2018 is 1068. So, anything above 1200 can be considered a good SAT score. The maximum anyone can score on the SAT is the perfect score of 1600. As candidates receive scaled scores, they should know about SAT scaled scores and percentiles.

Good SAT Score for college admissions

For Ivy League colleges a score of 1400 more can be considered good. For a mid-level university, anywhere between 1200 – 1400 can be considered as good. And for those who want to go to a community college, the score of 1000 – 1200 can also work. As College Board themselves have clarified that just a good SAT score is not a guarantee for admission in a good college or university. Your complete application should match complete college requirements like your overall profile, admission essays, GPA, etc.

How to improve SAT Scores

Even if you are not scoring up to your expectations, there is always a scope for betterment.

Focus and Practice more:

Candidates can start taking SAT Practice Tests: Tips and Resources and formulate essential SAT Tips and Strategies and make an appropriate study plan which they can follow and improve their scores.

Give SAT test again:

Generally, candidates who attempt the SAT exam second or third-time score high from their previous tests. If you prepare well, you can improve your scores exceptionally well. Apart from making a perfect study plan, go for Best books and resources for SAT and prepare systematically.

What is a good SAT Score also depends on the target college which the candidate wants to go? Good SAT Score for applicants depends on their targeted schools!


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