How To Confirm Your Business Plan Has Been Uploaded

How To Confirm Your NOUN Business Plan Has Been Uploaded

In the absence of stories, let’s learn how to confirm the uploading of your business plan.

Case Study “North West”

1️⃣ Click this link and login


3️⃣ Click on GST302 (ignore the percentage as it is useless)

NB: You will see a lady wearing light blue shirt and sitting on a black chair

4️⃣ Scroll down (until you see ”ASSIGN” above an icon of a hand holding white paper)

5️⃣ Click on ”Presentation of Enterprise Ideas – North West Incubation Centre

6️⃣ Scroll down till you see ”Submission status” ➡️ Submitted for grading

7️⃣ Alternatively, scroll down to the bottom of the page (patapata) to ”edit submission” or ”Remove submission”

Thank you

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