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This page will discuss about the noun tma question and answers for 2020/2021 of National Open University of Nigeria  popularly known as (NOUN)

STUDENT ARRIVE Team is dedicated to providing Answers and Solutions and NOUN Past Questions and exams to All National Open University Of Nigeria Tutor Marked Assessment Questions Irrespective of the Student’s Course, Level or Programme of Study. Every fully registered NOUN University student knows that TMA constitutes 30% of your Total Course Grade and that if you are guaranteed to have those 30 Marks in each of your Courses, you now have greater chances of passing that Course no Matter how Difficult it is and also the Chances of Carrying that Course Over would be greatly Reduced. This Applies to all NOUN Programmes be it a First Degree, Post Graduate Degree, Masters Degree Or Doctorate Degree.

Our Team of Seasoned Graduates and Experienced Scholars who Hail from Diverse Academic Disciplines will Solve your TMA Questions to Provide you with Answers that will give you High Marks. Each Course has three(3) Different TMA Questions-TMA1, TMA2, and TMA3.

Our Team will Solve all your TMA Questions such that you have the Maximum Marks you can from it and you can now make up the rest from the Exams. Having High Marks in your Tutor marked Assessment Tests is very Crucial to Scoring Good Grades in your Courses. For Instance, with a TMA Mark of 30, having an A in a Course only requires you to have at least 40 Marks in the Exams while to have a Pass or Credit, you only need to score at least 20 Marks in the Exam. The Importance of high TMA Marks cannot be overemphasized.

This is Simply the service offered by our Team at STUDENT ARRIVE  TMA SOLUTION CENTRE and we Call it THE TMA ADVANTAGE. Scoring 30 Marks out of 70 in the Exam whether its POP or E-exam should not be Difficult for any Student.

Our Team will save you all that Stress. Outsourcing Certain tasks to Increase Productivity is a Skill Successful Person in whatever Field have and the Earlier you begin to learn it, the Better. TUNDE Knew the Secret of Outsourcing and though he wasn’t a Brilliant Student yet he Left NOUN with a Second Class Upper Grade. You Too can Score Such Good Grades because the Exclusive Answers we Provide you from NOUN STUDENT PORTAL TMA SOLUTION CENTRE will give you that TMA ADVANTAGE.

The Prices for Our TMA Answers Solution Vary with the Program of Study because of the Increasing level of Question Ambiguity for higher Programs of Study. Our Price is cheap and affordable for all students.


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