NOUN Project Out-Line

This information is for those writing their PROJECT RESEARCH. Though each tertiary institution differs in their own Project format as the case maybe, hence this format is mainly for NOUN students. With the info we’ have gathered on project stuff, we’ve decided to share these project guides (current format) to help NOUN students when writing their project Research. Wishing you all the best. See you at the top!!!

1.1 Introduction: Here you introduce, define your subject matter in full details.
1.2 Background: Give background history by authors on the subject matter.
1.3 Statement of problem: You state the problems affecting the subject i.e your work work.
1.4 Objectives of the study: State what you what to achieve on your research, the purpose.
1.5 Research questions: Questions you can use to establish your research work.
1.6 Statement of the hypotheses: This involves two opposite variables that can be verifies or rejects in your research work.
1.7 Significant of the study: This has to do with to whom your research work will benefits, and why it will be beneficial, especially for the case study you are using for the project research .
1.8 Justification of the study: This is where your research work is justified based on the instrument of methodology you are using.
1.9 Scope of the study: You state what your project topic, location, case study etc
1.10 Definitions of terms: This is where you define all the major subjects used for the work.

                                                                                       CHAPTER TWO
2.0 Introduction: This is where you state literature review as regard what you are writing about.
2.1 Conceptual clarification: You state more clarify information, review on the subject
2.2 Theoretical frame work: State different theories by different authors on the subject
2.3 Literature on the subject matter: Clearly state what your project is referring to, and talk more on the subject matter.

3.0 Area of Study: It talks about Source of Data, Sampling techniques, Sampling Size, Methods of data collection, Methods of data analysis.
3.1 Source of Data: Here, you define the Primary and Secondary Data and clearly state which of the Data you want to make use of for your research work.
3.2 Sampling Techniques: You state what Samples you want to use and the Sample Size
3.3 Method of Data Collection: State how your data will be gathered either from your questionnaires. Section A and as the case maybe Section B. Though each supervisor differs from what they want from students.
3.4 Method of Data Analysis: What comes here are; Data preparation, Data presentation, Data analysis, Data interpretation.
3.5 Reliability of instrument: This has to do with your measuring instrument, how consistent, dependable and reliable your measurement over time during your data analysis are.
3.6 Validity of instrument: This is where you state the survey, test, questionnaire, etc you will be using for data collection
3.7 Limitations of the study: State here your short comings during the project research

4.1 Data analysis: This is where your tables for your findings comes in.
4.2 Discussion of the findings: This is where you state results from yours data,

5.0 Summary of findings: You summarized all your chapters from one to five
5.1 Conclusions: State what you come out with, your concluding end of the project research
5.3 Proposal for further study: What materials you may want to recommend for someone as regard your project work.


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