How to submit GST302 Business Plan National Open University NOUN


(1) What’s your matric number and phone number?

You may be required to answer by voice or type and send to the host via the zoom app chat box ????

(2) What’s your business idea?


(3) What’s your business plan about?

Executive summary

(4) What are the innovations you included in your business plan?

Every business already exist but what New idea, did you included in your business plan?

(5) What’s your financial analysis?

Start up cost, expected monthly profit, and possible losses

(6) How do you intend to promote your business?

Social media, your own website, banner posting

(7) get me any I didn’t include here


(1) these questions would come if students are few. Otherwise, just about three are enough.

(2) you have to make these presentations without reading from your materials – your business plan.

We have SPECIAL available NOUN Business Plan Topics on:

  1. NOUN Rice Farming Business Plan
  2. NOUN Bread Bakery Business Plan
  3. NOUN Poultry Farm Business Plan
  4. NOUN Zobo Drink Business Plan
  5. NOUN Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan
  6. NOUN Unisex Saloon Business Plan
  7. NOUN Hand Sanitizer Business Plan
  8. NOUN Men’s Shoe Production Business Plan
  9. Plantain Farming Business Plan
  10. NOUN fashionable clothes Business Plan
  11. NOUN Make-Up Artist Business Plan
  12. NOUN Poultry Farming/Egg Production Business Plan
  13. NOUN Primary School establishment/Setup Business Plan
  14. NOUN Pig feeds/Farming Business Plan
  15. NOUN Recharge Card vouchers Business
  16. NOUN E-commerce Business Setup Business Plan
  17. NOUN Cassava Farm Business Plan

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