HOW TO PRESENT GST302| National Open University, NOUN

GST302 FULL PARTICIPATION. HOW TO PRESENT GST302| National Open University, NOUN, GST 302 replaced GST 301. It doesn’t have TMA like other courses do. No shortcuts…⚠️

(1) You’re required to prepare a standard business plan on any business you can manage and submit at

(2) You’re required to explain your understanding of the business you’ve written about – presentation

(3) You’re required to write examination for GST 302.

Note: if you fail to do any of the above, then get ready to repeat it next semester.


You can choose physical presentation at your study center or online presentation via zoom app..

(1) What’s your matric number and phone number?

You may be required to answer by voice or type and send to the host via the zoom app chat box ????

(2) What’s your business idea?


(3) What’s your business plan about?

Executive summary

(4) What are the innovations you included in your business plan?

Every business already exist but what New idea, did you included in your business plan?

(5) What’s your financial analysis?

Start up cost, expected monthly profit, and possible losses

(6) How do you intend to promote your business?

Social media, your own website, banner posting

(7) What are your SDG goals?

Get me any I didn’t include here



Chat me

(1) these questions would come if students are few. Otherwise, just about three are enough.

(2) you have to make these presentations without reading from your materials –but your business plan.

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