Good morning. Thank God it’s Friday dear NOUNite.

It’s dawn on us that a lot of students are confused as to what to do next due to seeing courses they’ve done successfully before in their portal and worse still, the outstanding section on the e-ticket platform doesn’t guarantee that courses there are actually carry over courses. Not even the staffs are 100% sure what they are doing yet on that site.

What does this mean? You may eventually register courses you are not supposed to register or worse still if you don’t have records, you may register those you’ve done before. Waste of money, waste of time and waste of effort – that’s even if you later realize and go drop it in school early. Else, forget it, you must write and pass it, even if you’ve done it before.

On the other hand, we noticed a lot of students either not understanding that they can know their courses for the semester even without registering or that they don’t know how to download their course materials ahead and start reading. The truth is if you don’t know what lies ahead, you can’t know the magnitude of the price to pay for the PRIZE (good result) you want. You can do better.

So as a result, except for those in our DN Mentorship Acceleration Program (who have access to learn all these), we are planning to host a FREE session where we explain in-depth one of these two dilemma and the solution.

If this sounds like something you’ll like to choose from, then here’s an opportunity for you to make a choice.

We really want to help you achieve DISTINCT academic and CAREER success.

If it is to be, it is up to you.

P:S I have an in-depth recording of a secret session that guarantees over 4.0CGPA for any NOUN student just starting out and can help returning students as well. If a better CGPA matters to you, just let me know and I’ll send the link to the recording to you after you’ve shown proof to have done what’s necessary.


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