NOUN Tma Solutions for 2022_2 SEMESTER

  • National Open University, NOUN Tma1
  • National Open University, NOUN Tma2
  • National Open University, NOUN Tma3


📌 1. TMA is the acronym of Tutor Marked Assignment

📌 2. It is the continuous assessment of NOUN.

📌 3. It carries 30 marks while exam carries 70 marks.

📌 4. A course, ENT409 for instance, has 3 TMAs. Namely, TMA1, TMA2, and TMA3.

📌 5. Each TMA has 10 questions. (10 marks)

📌 6. It is done and submitted online from the students portal.

📌 7. Whatever you score in a TMA (TMA 1 for instance) eventually be over 10marks.

📌 8. Your total 3 TMA score is what will be used for your assessment.

📌 9. You cannot re attempt your TMA again once you submit it.

📌 10. If what happened last semester is to go by, it then means that you can’t see TMA 2 until you submit TMA 1. In the same way, until you submit TMA 2, you cant see TMA 3.

📌 11. A good TMA score will go a long way in boosting your result at the end of the day.

📌 12. Securing an excellent score in your TMA will boost your exam result and gives you confidence in attaining a high total mark when added to your exam.

📌 13. Wether Fresher or Returning Student, it’s advisable to get TMA Assistance; it could be all the difference to make a good CGPA and to Struggle with a good one.

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How to login into NOUN Tma Portal:


✅ The Elearn website is now up and running.

OLD students are to login with their matric number as username and their last semester pasword as password.

NEW students are to login with their matric number as username and also as password

NOTE: If you have already registered your courses, you will find them on the website.

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