Some Tips for a Successful Graduation from NOUN

Some Tips for a Successful Graduation from NOUN


Graduating from the National Open University of Nigeria could be one hell of a task. It is often said by many that “Gaining admission is easy, but passing out could be likened to Jesus’ second coming”, highly unpredictable!
For some NOUNITES, its a dream come true, some a nightmare… and as it stands, the convocation list is released once a year, which makes it even more excruciating to bear.

Today, we will be highlighting the crucial steps required to get your name on that list.

1. Minimum Units per Semester:
Having less units per semester lessons your overall CGPA counts, it is required you meet up with all core courses and electives.

2. Total Course Loads/Units:
A maximum of 24 units – course load per semester is obtainable, to meet up with the standard course loads/units during registration, refer to your REGISTERABLE COURSES SLIP. Registering lesser loads will yield to Outstanding Courses.

3. Minimum Elective Courses:
A minimum of 2 Elective course is mandated per semester. NOT PER SESSION. Alot of people have been taken unawares by registering 1 Elective course per semester. This would affect you immensely. If you have fallen a victim, see your pending courses for re-registration.

4. Carryovers/Missing Results:
You cannot graduate without passing all carryover courses. At worst, register them before any other thing else… The effect of carry over course is frustrating, weakens and it kills morals, but will definitely stop you from graduating if not cleared.

5. Incomplete Results:
Incomplete TMAs, absence from Exams or exam malpractice, Missing scripts can all affect you from graduating. Make sure your TMAS and Results are all graded and seen. And avoid fighting over spilt milk when you see an incomplete result, re-register the same course as a carryover and try again!

6. Project, Seminars, Practicums, Siwes et all…:
You should know that assessments of any kind is mandatory, missing one or any is a big passing out blockage, as they are partial requirements for the award of any certification.

7. Debts:
Don’t even think of owing NOUN and graduating, don’t; you won’t. The minus sign in your student portal Wallet should be cleared if you have any.

8. Incomplete Documentations:
Receipts/tellers, Remita’s, Registration slips, Forms and ID cards should be submitted when due, and if any is missing from your file, you will be facing a blockage.

9. You didn’t earn up to the required CGPA to be awarded a university degree.

10. Your name was moved to the next graduating students after being reached the desired amount of students for this year convocation.

11. Complex Names:
Final year students with 4 names on their portal, should resolve it as soon as possible. To avoid their certificate been withheld from them on the convocation day by NOUN Management.
Graduating students with four names or abbreviations are not issued certificate.
Because, four names signifies that two different person can use the certificate. This is illegal.
If you know your names are more than 3,name abbreviation and spelling error/omitting of your real name, please visit the centre as soon as possible for proper directive, before final clearance day.
“If you have initials or four names in your name, your certificate won’t be processed. Those affected should also see the study centre for your names to be compiled and send to NOUN HQ for ratification.
Those who have not been able to graduate for a long time now, should fully analyse their results to check for omitted compulsory courses like GST,departmental courses, practicals, seminar,Siwes field trip, and Tp etc else you may wait forever.


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