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UNIJOS is unique among its peer institutions in having seven schools co-located on one contiguous campus, and all of them possess exceptional breadth and depth of excellence. This naturally facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration.

DEAN: Prof. Nuhu Gworgwor (Ag)

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  • Agricultural Economics & Extension
  • Animal Production
  • Crop Production
  • The Farm

Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture shall run courses in Agriculture such that graduates of the faculty shall be knowledgeable in the main areas of Agricultural Economics and Extension as well as Crop and Animal Production.  In addition graduates shall have sufficient knowledge in Forestry, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Wildlife and Irrigation as to be useful in promoting their development.

When fully developed there shall be 10 Departments as follows:

  1. Crop and Soil Science
  2. Crop and Environmental Protection
  3. Plant Breeding and Seed Technology
  4. Animal Production and Nutrition
  5. Animal Breeding, Physiology and Biotechnology
  6. Agricultural Economics and Management
  7. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  8. Forestry and Wild Life Management
  9. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  10. Horticulture and Irrigation Agronomy (with a strong Dry Season Farming Unit)

At inception however, there shall be three Departments namely; Crop Production, Animal Production and, Agricultural Economics and Extension with gradual expansion to ten.

The Faculty shall be temporarily located at the Bauchi road Campus.  However, the permanent site shall be north of the existing Naraguta Campus of the University (across the main irrigation valley) close enough to servicing Faculties and Departments such as Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and Economics.


Faculty of Agriculture Philosophy

To produce relevant manpower that would ensure national food security and adequate agricultural raw materials for industries, job creation and export.


To be a Centre of Excellence for Training and Research in Agriculture with capacity for consultancy in food production, utilization and storage.


To provide graduates that are adequately equipped with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills for productive and economic agricultural activities.

Aims and Objectives


To produce graduates who have:

  1. Sufficient technical and entrepreneurial skills for productive self employment, research and be involved in all aspects of agriculture and related areas.
  2. Relevance to national development and global societal needs and industry.

In this regard, graduates of the Faculty should meet the following requirements

  1. Have competence in conceptual, managerial, analytical, practical and entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Be fully equipped with data processing skills to interpret agricultural problems and provide solutions.
  3. Have good communication skills to adequately present research/field reports.
  4. Be well equipped with information technology for global communication.
  5. Have skills in participatory approach to conservation and utilization of natural resources with the view to enhancing rural development.

Objectives and Mode of Achievement

  1. Science, technology and technical skills:-  At the onset of training, students shall be exposed to the science of agricultural production culminating in the technology and technical aspects thereof.
  2. The art of agricultural production:-  The practical and entrepreneurial skills acquisition aspects will be emphasized i.e. training specifically on hands-on basis such that agriculture is not considered as a far-fetched science but an art, a vocation and a business for self employment and self sufficiency.  This would also require exposure to agricultural enterprises on campus, farms, industries etc.
  3. Skill in research and development: Research training not only for academic purposes but to solve problems both locally and nationally relevant to agricultural development.


The University of Jos is situated in a climatic environment that supports the production of conventional Nigerian crops and animals.  In addition, the climate supports others plants and animals, including exotics ones that are not found in most other parts of Nigeria.  Therefore the faculty would be more diverse in agricultural activities.  This would diversify food production and availability in Nigeria and boost national food security.  Furthermore, the friendly weather and serene environment of Jos and sundry desires by most people to be involved in new/diverse vocations would attract more quality staff and students.  This will increase patronage to the Faculty of Agriculture of University of Jos than to others.

General Admission Requirements

A. UTME ENTRY MODE – Five (5) year B. Agric. programme

Credit passes in five (5) WASCE/NECO/GCE (O’level) subjects and its equivalent as approved by the University Senate, including English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science and Physics. The credit pass in Agricultural Science must be backed up with at least a pass in Biology.  In addition, candidates must have UTME JAMB scores high enough for the cut-off point set for the year in which the applications are being considered.

B. DIRECT ENTRY – Four (4) year B. Agric. programme

  1. Passes at the Advanced Level in GCE, IJMB or an approved equivalent examination in two or three of Chemistry and Biology or Chemistry and Botany/Zoology.  In addition, candidates must also meet the 5 credit passes in WASCE/NECO/GCE requirements as in UTME.
  2. Holders of the following qualifications from institutions recognized by the University of Jos may also be considered for admission into 200 level:  National Diploma (ND) in Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Health/Production and other relevant qualifications with at least an upper credit. Candidates must also meet the O’level requirements for UTME.

Faculty of Agriculture Staff

Fullname Department Rank Position
RUSSOM, Zacarias Crop Production Lecturing
Mr. Bulus G. Domshak Admin Staff Prin. Confidential Secretary I Secretarial Administration
IDAKWO, Daniel Acheneje Agric Economy and Extension Asst. Lecturer in training Study Leave
Mrs.Gobum R. Blessing Admin Staff Clerical Officer (Accounts) (Accounting)
Pennap B. Domven Admin Staff Deputy Registrar Faculty Officer
NTAT, Felix Habila Agric Economy and Extension Graduate Assistant Study Leave
MUTFWANG, Samuel Kwarpun Dawet Agric Economy and Extension Lecturer I Lecturing
FOLORUNSO, Solomon Taiwo Agric Economy and Extension Lecturer I 200 Level Coordinator
MAKWIN, Francis Malel Agric Economy and Extension Lecturer II Lecturing
Mrs.Nanwul Tang’an Bala Admin Staff Office Assistant III Office Assistant III

Contact Faculty of Agriculture

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University of Jos

Faculty of Agriculture


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