National Open University of Nigeria NOUN

That the portal has been challenging this semester is no more news, but thank God, it’s improving.
Here are the simple updates you need to be aware of:

1⃣ Course and Exam registration has been officially extended till Aug 15th (Check your portal)

1. Late 2017 & 2018 Students above can easily clear their minus signs by auditing it.
i. Click on View Wallet and copy out all your RRR or recently credited ones.
ii. Click on Credit RRT and check each RRR.
iii. Keep checking and going Home. This should hep resolve your minus sign.
Then you can proceed with Loading your wallet and you are advised to promptly do all registrations afterwards.

2. Most 2017 students downwards still has the negative balance in their wallet with RRR error messages while trying to audit.
THE BITTER TRUTH: Going to your ICT department in your study center won’t still solve it, it’s a general issue for students in this category. Except it’s a password issue (which no one can even ascertain now), you are advised not to waste your money going to school. Wait till those in charge of the portal do the necessary for the students in your category.

3. You can reach for assistance if you are in the first category and still find it hard to clear the minus sign. Make sure it’s cleared before loading your wallet and make sure to use it immediately. This is to avoid unnecessary panic and stories that touch.

3⃣ Semester, Course and Exam registration is still on. Carry overs registration is still not opened.

1. When you view your registered courses and you see it display all courses you’ve written since your first year and semester to the ones you just registered, DO NOT PANIC! The courses are arranged alphabetically, print it out like that and go to school with it for collection of course materials amongst other things. It’s same everywhere for all those who has done course and exam registration too.
Only exam courses gives real outline of the main courses for the semester

2. Results are still not available in anyone’s portal, so stay calm. You’ll know when it is uploaded back.

3. Asking for exact registrable courses for your PLS (Program, Level, Sem) is a usual act of students. Except the person you’re asking is in your PLS and has done his/her own registrations, no one can say the exact courses. And the only place to get and see that is in your portal, after payments.
(This is one reason I don’t share ‘outdated’ PDF files of registrable courses)

Be cautious, and except when and where necessary, and to a trusted person, do not share even your MATRIC NUMBER.

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