Latest Updates in NOUN

Latest Updates in NOUN


The school will be introducing some GST courses into the system, as of this today these courses are not yet in the student’s portal for students to register it. You can go ahead with other registration and wait till this courses are seen in your portal by then you can add them if you still have some units left unused or you do them next semester.


A lot of students are waiting and complaining concerning the release of last semester result. You should know that in conventional universities you don’t officially see your first semester result by your second semester and you still move on with the second semester, if you have any reference you do it in the following session so I don’t expect students to take it against the school as their shortcomings for not seeing results yet, yes I know the school has its own shortcoming but not in the area of releasing of results every semester they are trying in that aspect considering the population of students in the school.


Note you will just wait till TMA start; you don’t need to follow the school calendar available to us at the moment because a lot of things must have changed with those dates.


For those having issue with their registration I advise you wait till dropping of course and exam starts I think by then your portal will be reset and you will be able to do your registration afresh.


I will advise students to try and do their complete courses in a semester and even add one or two courses if you can handle it because the way NOUN is adding new courses every semester you will have free units to handle them if the case arises in your final and you won’t need extra semester. Please this is just an advice.



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