NOUN GST302 Business Idea Grading System

NOUN GST302 Business Idea Grading System

1. Idea Scanning within your environment to locate a problem you can solve and then create a business around it

2 . The level of relevance of the business idea

3. Level of Innovation and Creativity:

•  What is new in the product or service as compared to existing ones?

• What is the impact will it make on the users?

4. Level of Idea development

5. Demonstration of the Idea (Product or Service)

6. Idea Documentation (Business Plan)

• Executive Summary

• Product Idea and Description

• Proposed organizational structure

• Market Analysis

• Financial Analysis

Note: A business idea could either be a product or service. All students that registered for GST302 must prepare their innovative business idea proposals that will be presented at the incubation centre or real-time online.

All proposals must be typed and printed. If you have done No. 1 – 5, proceed to Business Plan and submit on the website.

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