Request for the virtual exam for 2021_1 will close 11:59 pm on 7th May 2021 (The time late registration will close). All Students demanding for the virtual exam this semester should note that their virtual exam will take place as scheduled on the physical exam Time Table.

To apply, use the link below and make sure you read the modalities and instructions also with the requirements.

Virtual on-demand

Virtual on-demand exams is an exams conducted by NOUN to make examination flexible for students who are far away or having less or no time to spare due to work reasons

Virtual on demand examination is flexible in the sense that u get to write your examination anywhere at a given point in time, be it ur office, home or other places

Note: virtual exams is proctored by the school to monitor/invigilate the exams so don’t think because it’s a virtual exams, u can cheat easily

The only difference between physical exams and Virtual exams is the fact that one is done using a computer as a tool and the other is done physically by visiting the study center

For the exams setting
the way the exams are set for virtual on demand are exactly the same way it’s set for physical examination..
????100lvl and 200lvl are objective and fill in the gap questions
???? 300-800lvl are pen on paper questions

So for 300-800lvl students, expect theory questions.. For the answer input, their is a big box for that available.

U wanna write ur exams from ur work or home without going through stress attached to visiting ur study center, then I think Virtual on demand exams is for u

NOTE: Course and exam registration closes today

Please note that TMA submission now closes on the 21th of May

Virtual exam option is now available

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