Portal Analysis: How To Check National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Results for Different Years

Welcome to Student Arrive! This is to inform all students of the National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) that they can now check their Portal Analysis Results which comprises of different years.

The Authority of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has enabled the online result checker/student portal. The Online Result Checker Portal is created for freshers and prospective students of the University to check NOUN post results, GP, CGP

  • How to Check NOUN Semester Result on Nouonline Portal
  • NOUN statements of Results and Guidelines
  • Nouonline Result Checker for 2022_2

How To Check NOUN Exam Result Portal

I will share with you how to get your FULL statement of results, Past Results from the NOUN Portal.

IMPORTANTLY, before you can access your NOUN comprehensive results for different years, you must have done the following:

Once you’ve DONE the above, Visit


  1. Login as shown in the image below:

2. Input your Matric Number e.g NOU123456789 and Password.

3. Click on Statement of result

4. All your results for different years will display as shown in the image below:

5. You can now easily export (download) or print your NOUN Result analysis for different years as shown in the image below:

6. Immediately you click on Export, it will take you to this page displaying all your results. Click on save


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