Preparation for NOUN Exams


Things have totally change here in NOUN. Whoever that told you studying and passing here is easy then surely he’s deceiving you. Studies might look easy sha, considering no lecturers burden, no roaming from home to school everyday and all…but passing is bit tougher especially now that things have change. Students presently writing there exams can tell you that. This Article is all about Preparation for NOUN

The school management is now giving all students the sense of belonging to a UNIVERSITY.
I urge you not to take chances and play with your studies, your courses and TMAs to be specific… because that’s all you’ve got to make through.

I’ll advise you to take your TMAs so seriously because they’re your only elevator to passing your exams. When you are approaching POP exams, get many of your courses past question papers in order to get clue on area of concentration, as I’ll not guarantee studying only the past questions papers in order to pass your exams, but they’re helping though.
Advisably you should take your time in studying your courses materials and try to solve the TMAs you can yourself. it’s isn’t a bad idea if you source TMAs from others but trying to solve the ones you can is best.

It’ll not only help you in your studies but it’ll also make you proud.
If you feel all alone, try and connect with other colleagues, classmates in order to get yourselves together and go about with your studies.

Remember, things have changed here, the exams, the management and everything. You can only help yourself because nobody will help you now.
I wish you all the best & good luck

NOUN Exam Tips for Freshers


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