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Still, have more questions about IELTS? Check out IELTS frequently asked questions and learn more about the exam and IELTS exam dates.

  • When IELTS exam will start in India in 2022?
IELTS exam is conducted in different cities in India. Because of the restrictions in certain areas you need to check with your local test center whether you can book a slot or not. You can check the IELTS Test calendar 2022 above and check out the dates for IELTS Academic and IELTS General exams.


  • What to do if there are restrictions in my area and I am not able to visit the IELTS test center?
Currently, the IELTS exam is available in multiple locations. However, if your local test center is not working because of the COVID restrictions then you can also go for an online IELTS exam ( IELTS Indicator) from your home.
  • Can I take the IELTS exam without coaching?
You need to make a proper study plan and follow the right strategy to score good band scores without coaching. Follow these simple steps and prepare for IELTS at home: Step 1: Understand the concepts clearly Step 2: study online study material Step 3: After learning the concepts go through the IELTS sample questions Step 4: Attempt official IELTS practice tests Read more about how to prepare for IELTS at home here
  • Is it necessary to join IELTS coaching for preparation?
This is an important factor and a serious concern for IELTS aspirants whether to join IELTS coaching or do self-study. Understand the IELTS format and go through the study material available online and offline and see whether you need to join coaching or you can prepare for the exam through self-study.
  • Is there any kind of dress code for the IELTS exam?
No, as such there is no specific dress code for taking the IELTS exam. However, it is suggested that you should wear comfortable clothes while giving the IELTS test as you have to sit for the exam for nearly three hours.
  • Can I prepare for the IELTS exam in 15 days?
Two weeks are quite less; however, a concrete study plan can help you. Understand the IELTS exam format, and try to learn strategies for each of the sections. Try to take full-length IELTS practice tests.
  • Which app is best for IELTS preparation?
There are a lot of apps that one can use to prepare for the IELTS exam. Below are some of the apps which can be useful while preparing for the IELTS test.

  1. IELTS Prep App: This is an official IELTS app developed by British Council and can be used by both Android as iOS users
  2. BBC Learning English: One of the best apps to learn English. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms
  3. IELTS Writing 2019: A great app to improve your writing skills.
  • How many hours one needs to study for IELTS?
On average candidates need to study for 200 hours to improve their band scores. However, it can differ from person to person, their grasping power and skills to prepare for the exam.
  • Do the interviewer repeat questions in the IELTS Speaking test?
Test takers can ask the examiner to repeat the question once. However, they won’t do it the third time. So, it is better to prepare yourself with good speaking and listening skills.
  • Do the examiner repeat questions in the IELTS Listening Test?
In the  IELTS Listening test examiners need not repeat the questions as the questions are provided to test-takers in written form. So, candidates can repeat the questions themselves if they want to.
  • Are test takers allowed to wear a watch in the IELTS exam?
Test takers are not allowed to wear a watch in the IELTS test. A clock is there in the test center, so, test takers can check the time while giving the exam.

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