New Approach To Gst302- Business Enterprise Writing And Presentation


This article is all about the new approach to Gst302- Business Enterprise Writing and Presentation according to the 2021_1 approach to business plan writing and presentation just released the SDG goals is now majored to 4 which is different from the 17 SDGs which it used to be.

The new SDGs will now focus on 4 thematic areas;

✨ #Agripreneur (with focus on meeting specified SDGs). Main business is agriculture or agriculture related. Agripreneur finds opportunities to make the most of agricultural products.

✨ #Biotechnology (with focus on meeting specified SDGs). This is technology that uses biological systems, living organisms or parts of it to develop or create different products. Areas where biotechnology are mostly used are health care/medical, Production/industry, environment and crop production, and marine.

✨ Green Education (with focus on meeting specified SDGs). This is a service sector which is expected to transform education in economy development with focus on environmental benefits and sustainability. Becoming environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible in terms of decisions and lifestyles. Green practices may include sustainable purchasing, electronics stewardship, transportation, pollinator protection, waste diversion, and pollution prevention.

✨ Information Communication Technology – ICT (with focus on meeting specified SDGs). ICT services that can improve products and services in the various sectors of the economy. This may include software development or deployment.

All are implored to allow their business plan write-up fall under this 4 areas and are expected to plan their presentation accordingly. Dont forget this is the new Approach To Gst302- Business Enterprise Writing And Presentation.

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