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SOME CLARIFICATIONS HOW NOUN WORKS| National Open University of Nigeria

This is how NOUN operates serially…


  1. (a) Complaints from students against the markers (if any) would be received and processed.

(b) Change of programs and study centres (if any) are received and processed.


  1. Every semester, the students would be required to renew their portal registration, semester registration, courses registration and exams registration. This is also the time to DROP A WRONGLY registered course.



(i) these initial Registrations are done at the NOUMIS students portal


(ii) you should register all your core courses for the semester and at least one elective course – this the general registration guideline.


  1. After students have completed Registrations, their relevant GST Registration details would be uploaded on the CEAGS portal


  1. Students who registered GST course (s) are then required to go to their CAEGS portal and activate their portals by simply changing the passwords from their matric Number to any other.


  1. Every Student, including those who didn’t register any GST course (s) are NOW REQUIRED to activate their CEAGS portals in order to access online facilitations for any course they registered mostly via zoom meetings.


  1. After these activities are into full effect and Registration/admission closes, Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) or Computer Marked Assignment (CMA) begins. This is also the time submission of business plans and presentation too.


  1. At the point of Assignment/Quiz closure, verification of Students Registration activities and stamping of verified slips begins. This also marks the beginning of exams.


  1. Firstly, those writing Pen On Paper (POP) writes their exams then those using computers to write [Computer Based Test (CBT) or Electronic Exams (E-exam)] follows.


  1. Markers gets to work, IT Officers forwards the results of the CBT to the headquarters and results would be computed and released.


  1. The semester closes and a new one begins.

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