LASU 26th Convocation: Instructions for Graduands 2024;


  • Lagos State University (LASU) issues a notice to graduands on the 26th Convocation Ceremonies, providing guidelines on the convocation package, academic gown return, and convocation protocols. The Convocation Package is accessible online, and graduands are expected to return the gown by 23rd June 2023, with penalties for late return or damage. Graduands are advised on the correct ceremonial attire, decorum, and seating arrangements for the ceremonies. Certificates will be available post-ceremonies.
Lagos State University Notice to GraduandsAs the convocation ceremonies of Lagos State University (LASU) fast approach, it is crucial that the graduands are fully informed and prepared for the series of events. With this in mind, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Ibiyemi Ibilola Olatunji-Bello, mni, NPOM, has released a comprehensive notice to all graduands to ensure a successful ceremony.

Payment and Collection of Convocation Package

All graduands, regardless of their categories, are advised to visit to pay for the Convocation Package. By following the steps on the payment portal, graduands can conveniently complete this process. Once payment is confirmed, the Convocation Package will be issued upon the presentation of the receipt of payment at their respective faculties.

Use and Return of Academic Gowns

The academic gown is an essential part of the convocation ceremony. However, it must be returned immediately after the ceremony and no later than Friday, 23rd June 2023. Failure to return the gown by the stipulated date will result in a daily fine of Five Hundred Naira (N500:00) only. In the event of loss or damage to the gown, a replacement fee of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000:00) only will be incurred by the graduand.

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Certificate Collection and Cap Tassels Protocol

Certificates will be available for collection immediately after the Convocation ceremonies. However, this is subject to the return of the academic gown.

During the ceremony, the Vice Chancellor will make a pronouncement admitting the graduands into the body of Graduates of LASU. At this point, first-degree graduands are expected to move the tassels of their caps from right to left. Higher degree recipients should already have their caps on, with the tassels placed at the left hand side.

All graduands are advised to seek the assistance of Faculty Officers to ensure that the hood and cap are properly worn, with the tassels (cords) of the cap positioned to the right. Female graduands are to show courtesy when they shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor, while male graduands are to bow without removing their caps.

Seating Arrangements and Convocation Procession

Parents/Guardians and Invited Guests should be seated by 8:30 a.m. on each day of the convocation ceremonies. Graduands are expected to join the Convocation Procession by 9:00 a.m., failure of which may deny them entry into the Auditorium.

Each faculty will have designated seating sections in the University Auditorium. Graduands should ensure they are seated in the appropriate areas. Unauthorized movements and taking of photographs are not allowed during the Convocation Ceremonies. Therefore, graduands are advised to complete such activities either before entering the University Auditorium or wait until after the ceremony.

Adherence to Convocation Decorum and Dress Code

Graduands should ensure that they are properly robed and that they conform to the colour prescribed for their Faculties. Orderliness is expected at all times during the Convocation Ceremonies, particularly when the Academic Procession enters and leaves the Convocation venue.

Graduands are advised to immediately commence and complete their clearance process in their respective Colleges/Schools/Faculties before the convocation. This is necessary to facilitate the collection of their degree certificates.

As the Lagos State University community looks forward to celebrating the 26th Convocation Ceremonies, the Vice Chancellor extends hearty congratulations to all Graduands, Parents/Guardians, Stakeholders and the entire University Community on this momentous event.


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