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Hi NOUNites, happy New week. Pay attention to the following updates

No definite memo as to how and where departmental courses’ TMA will be done in NOUN this semester, however, all students from 100 – 800l are very much advised to visit and login with your matric number as your username and password (in small letters) to be able to access TMA for GSTs and other departmental courses this semester (if it’ll be holding there)

✅ Post Graduate Graduation List
Please note the following points:

1. Postgraduate graduation List is not out yet.

2. For PG students who are yet to see results of non-examinable courses moderated in January (and have valid registration), the DEA is still working on them. Kindly exercise patience.

3. The University does not accept Professional Diploma in Education in place of PGDE nor is Professional Diploma from learned professional entities accepted as a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD). Where a PGD is issued by a non-university, it must be in affiliation with a recognized university. Otherwise, it cannot be accepted.

✅ Results grading in NOUN
For your understanding, please note that Faculty of Health Science Postgraduate grading is different from undergraduate. While 39 below is F for undergraduate, 49 below is F in postgraduate (nothing like D and E).
No Exam or No Test are no more used in NOUN grading. Once there’s no record for two TMAs of a course or no record for exam scores, it’d be “I,” meaning Incomplete. You are expected to rewrite such course.

✅ Nursing students are to recheck their results as some grading errors have been corrected, from F to C, B, A.

✅ Online facilitation (lecture) orientation holds on Wednesday by 2pm. Attendance is very important.

✅ Non-Examinable Courses
A post has been made of IT/SIWES courses for each course under each faculty, take note. All students that registered any nonexaminable course are expected to have gone to school to either submit their proposed topics by now or to have started their topic writings.

As a result, all Abeokuta study centre students that registered for the seminar this semester are expected to go their study centre.


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