SAT Prep Tips: Essay Section;

The Essay Section of the SAT exam requires candidates to read a passage, clarify how the author has shaped an argument to influence an audience and finally support his explanation with evidence from the passage. The Essay Section of the SAT is optional in nature, however certain courses and universities require candidates to appear for the SAT Essay Section. Read: Essential SAT Tips and Strategies

Test Format

Number of questions – candidates are required to complete one essay

Duration – 50 minutes

Nature – Optional



The key takeaway of this exercise is to see how well the candidate understands the passage and uses it as a foundation for a well written thought-out argument. The areas that are evaluated in this section include the reading ability of the candidate, his analysis prowess and above all his writing skills. Read: SAT Tips and Strategies

It is imperative for the candidate to successfully read and understand the passage paying careful attention to important details and central ideas hidden within the story. The candidate then would be required to analyze the author’s use of reasoning and evidence and other persuasive and stylistic techniques and finally, the candidate should be able to flesh all this out in a precise and organized manner, thus depicting his writing prowess.


Candidates are required to understand the structure of this particular section. Before attempting it. Candidates are always advised to practice unfamiliar passages and use the help of our SAT Preparation Tips and SAT Practice Papers to be able to score well in their exams. Candidates should always keep aside time every day to read a short passage or a storybook to be able to score big in this section.



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