Effects of Carryover in National Open University, NOUN

May I reiterate the fact that currently; CARRYOVER has ZERO effect on your results in NOUN. ZERO! No division of scores.

If you failed a course or missed the exam or missed the TMA or you had its result missing; all you’ve to do is TAKE BOTH TMA and exam afresh and move ahead.

Carryover results from three things;

(1) you submitted TMA and/or took examination but failed.

(2) you registered for the courses but couldn’t take their TMA and/or Exam.

(3) you took part in all assessments but your results went to missing.
NE= No Exams

Never forget, Carryover doesn’t necessarily mean failure in NOUN. The policy remains the same for now.

So instead of scoring E due to unpreparedness, why not ignore the exam and prepare better for C or B? 🤷‍♂️ Unless the course has your Tipping Point 🤓

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