NOUN 2022/2023 Academic Calendar

National Open University, Noun  2022/2023 Academic Calendar


Next semester, we’d have additional changes that’d be stable and in 2023 final changes would be made on the Faculty Handbooks etc that will last for the next 3 – 4 years.

National Open University, NOUN has provided lots of resources to help you successfully stop ignoring them only to go about complaining about everything and looking for supporters.

The National Open University Of Nigeria Academic Calendar For 2022 Academic Session (First and Second Semester), NOUN Admission Form and Registration Closing Date, TMA Submission Schedule and Examination Date in 2022

This is to inform the general public and most especially all the New/Returning students of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) that the management of the institution has released the NOUN academic calendar for the year 2022 First and Second semester

National Open University Of Nigeria Academic ACTIVITIES for 2022:

  • Release of 2022_1 Results
    30th June, 2022
  • NOUN Admission/Registration of Courses/Examination Begins
    12th July, 2022
  • NOUN Facilitation Commences
    25th July, 2022
  • NOUN 1st TMA begins
    26th August, 2022
  • NOUN 2nd TMA begins
    9th September, 2022
  • NOUN 3rd TMA begins
    23rd September, 2022
  • NOUN Matriculation
    24th September, 2022
  • NOUN Admission/Registration of Courses/Examination Ends
    30th September, 2022
  • NOUNPen on Paper Examination begins
    18th October, 2022
  • NOUN Pen on Paper Examination ends
    10th November, 2022
  • NOUN E-examination begins/Marking Exercise begins
    14th November, 2022
  • NOUN E-examination ends
    30th November, 2022
  • Release of 2022_2 Results
    16th December, 2022

Note: you already have these information but you may have been waiting for someone to remind you. Check the academic calendar and plan ahead – Never ignore it because of circumstancial shifts in dates of some past events.

To download a copy of current NOUN academic calendar:

1. Visit NOUN official website at CLICK HERE

2. Open the menu entitled “Study With Us”

3. “Returning Students”

4. Open the submenu entitled “Academic Calendar”

5. The calendar would be displayed already; copy it or scroll down and download the PDF version at the bottom of the tabulated calendar.

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