NOUN Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences in National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN


INTRODUCTION to Faculty of Social Sciences 

The NOUN Faculty of Social Sciences was curved out from the former School of Arts and Social sciences in 2016. This is in accordance with the new paradigm shift from the school unit system to the faculty and departmental system

The Faculty’s Mission is to ‘’be highly committed to Academic excellence in the production of human capital for the sustainable development of a knowledge based economy’’

The Faculty currently comprises of 7 departments programme and 5 post graduate programmes

These are the Programmes (COURSES) for Undergraduate


These are the Programmes (COURSES) for Postgraduate



The Faculty has a Staff deployed by the DMIS who provides technical support. Below are the Services rendered.

  • Providing Technical Support for TMA upload
  • Providing Faculty Record records to MIS e.g. Registrable Courses, course allocation and Admission requirements.
  • Helps identify reporting requirements of Faculty for onward transmission to the DMIS
  •  liaises with DMIS to provide relevant information to Faculty.
  • Provides Technical support to the staff of the Faculty e.g. Installing and configuration of internet printers, minor repairs and installation of some software (micro soft offices)
  • Resolves student’s issues regarding NOUMIS portal as well as the faculty.

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